Author: David Webb

Webbcon Wildlife Removal – Who Are We?


You can tell what we do by our name and our logo, but who is WEBBCON Wildlife Removal? Who are the people who have made WEBBCON Wildlife Removal the successful business that it is today? Well, let me fill you in. My name is David Webb, the founder of WEBBCON Wildlife Removal and I reside in Newnan GA. I was born and raised in Forest Park. In 1993, I joined the U.S. Army and served in the 3rd Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment as a U.S. Army Ranger stationed in Fort Benning, GA. In 1997, I left the Army, moved to Coweta County, and started a career in law enforcement as a police officer with The City of Fayetteville Police Department. I simultaneously attended college where I earned an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. After 13 years of law enforcement, I left to pursue the dream of starting my own business. I have 3 amazing children that have been raised in Coweta County and are still living here. In 2011, I officially started WEBBCON Wildlife Removal. In 2019, my wife Catherine, walked away from a 17 year career as a Practice Manager in the medical field to partner with me in the family business. Many of you have spoken with Catherine, as she is the one answering the phones and managing the operations of WEBBCON Wildlife Removal behind the scenes. This provided me more time to work on and oversee each job and employees out in the field. 

Since the very beginning, we have focused on and committed to running this business with integrity, honesty, and providing the absolute best quality work and the best customer service in the wildlife removal and exclusion industry. We have worked extremely hard on the outstanding reputation of WEBBCON Wildlife Removal. To date, WEBBCON Wildlife Removal has maintained top tier ratings across all online platforms. There are other wildlife removal companies that are cheaper than us, there are some out there that are more expensive than us, but I am completely confident that there is no one better than us.  

In the beginning, we dealt with all aspects of nuisance wildlife. The more common animals being squirrels, bats, raccoons and rats that invade our homes and other structures. Because we have worked for years extensively with these animals, we have become experts in dealing with them. We recently made the decision to only deal with these more destructive critters and not with all nuisance wildlife. After all, who wants rent free and destructive tenants like that? We are laser focused on being the #1 go to wildlife removal company for bats, squirrels, raccoons, and rats in Coweta, Fayette and neighboring counties. Focusing on these most common critters has allowed to provide faster response times and even higher customer service.

If you are ever in need of wildlife removal and exclusion services please give WEBBCON Wildlife Removal the opportunity to come out and provide you with a free inspection and price quote. You can then have all the information needed to make an informed decision moving forward. At WEBBCON Wildlife Removal, we can get them out and keep them out, for good. Additionally, we back all our work with a free 1 year warranty.  

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