Author: David Webb

Squirrels in Attic Peachtree City

Squirrel Removal In Attic Peachtree City

Noises in attic?

If you are hearing noises in your attic; something running around, little claws scratching, or sharp little teeth chewing it is most likely squirrels this time of year. Our attics offer ideal places for them to raise their young as they begin giving birth to there fall and spring litters. Squirrels have two litters of young a year. One in the fall and a second in spring. Once they have their fall litter in an attic they will remain there through the winter as they raise the young. That means one adult has now become one adult plus 2-4 young. From there the squirrels will remain till spring and the adults will give birth to another litter and the cycle continues. Generally squirrels will leave the extremely hot attics during the summer and move out to their natural environment (trees). But don’t think that’s a good thing. If you had squirrels last year and did nothing about it then the next year (fall) they will be back. These squirrels were removed from a Peachtree City customer’s attic. Afterwards we were able to block off the entry point and all others at their house that could enable access to other critters down the road. As with all our exclusion work we offer a full 5 year guarantee. Visit our Facebook page to enjoy more of our photos and posts.

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