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Removing Squirrels From Attic Fayetteville

Removing Squirrels From Attic


A Fayetteville customer called us after hearing noises in their attic and walls. They were looking for someone to hire for removing squirrels from their attic. They had already had two other larger nuisance wildlife control companies come out to take a look and give a quote for ridding them of the problem. These other companies left the customer feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. The customer said that the other guys seemed way to pushy, expensive, and overall weren’t as friendly as what they were looking for. The customer told us that the other guys quoted them an expensive price for performing a “full exclusion” job along with the squirrel removal. This was after the customer specifically told them they did not have the money for that kind of work and were not interested in the extra exclusion work. All they wanted was a price to get rid of the squirrels in their attic and block up the entry point. Both the other companies continued to press them for the full exclusion job which turned the customer off. The other guys also told the customer that the squirrel removal would take about two weeks and that they had to have access to the interior of the house daily because of the need for trapping in their attic. This did not work for the customer do to their work schedules. One of the guys told the customer that their problem was grey squirrels in their attic and the second one said it was flying squirrels. After dealing with the other companies the customer felt that their needs and wishes weren’t being listened to. The customer went on to say that they then went back to the internet looking for a smaller, more hometown, “critter guy”. That’s when they found us.

Our technician spend awhile investigating and determined some grey squirrels had moved into their attic causing the noises. Not flying squirrels. Where someone saw evidence of flying squirrels was beyond our technician. He explained the squirrel removal process in detail and gave them a cost for getting rid of their squirrel problem for good and blocking off their know entry point. Our technician did conduct a full inspect of the outside of their home. He found only one entry point that the squirrels were using to get into their attic. There were a couple of other small areas that the technician felt could possibly cause a problem in the future and pointed them out to the customer. Our technician reported that the normal construction gaps found behind the gutters and other areas on homes were not found here. He found that about 98% of these type of gaps were not found and the other 2% we could fix for no additional charge. Therefore, a “full exclusion” job would not be necessary. When the customer heard that our work was backed by a full 5 year guarantee they were even more pleased.

Knowing that the customer had to work every day and that it would be a big inconvenience on them to trap inside their attic our technician decided to do all the trapping on the roof and in their yard. This way the traps could be checked daily without the customer having to be home. We ended up catching and removing 12 squirrels in 4 days. We then temperately blocked off the entry hole with paper towel and checked it for 3 days. After that time it was still blocked off letting us know we had removed all the squirrels that had been using that hole to enter their attic. We then permanently sealed off that hole and blocked off the other areas that could cause problems later on for no additional charge. Our job was completed in one week.

At WEBBCON Wildlife Removal & Exclusion we realize that companies are built on their reputation and that a good reputation depends on our customer’s complete satisfaction and trust. That is how we started our business and how we will continue to grow as a successful one.

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