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Hearing Noises In Your Attic?

Flying Squirrel Trapping

Noises in your attic and you don’t know who to call? Pest problems is what we specialize is.

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A great deal of the calls we get are from customers that are hearing noises in their attic and walls. Noises in your attic can be caused by several different critters. Many times we find that the noises in your attic are the result of multiple critter problems going on at the same time. When any good pest technician arrives at your house or business to inspect they should be asking you a lot of questions. Depending on when and where you are hearing the noises in your attic plays a big part in the process of determining what the culprit is. Most of the calls we get at WEBBCON about noises in attics turns out to be either grey squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, rats or bats. In every case these critters leave behind signs that will help a technician identify what is making the noises in your attic.

Grey squirrels are generally active inside attics early in the noises in your attic mornings and in the evenings. Early morning is when they are waking up and moving around before they head out to forage for food in your yard. The evenings are when they are making their way back into your attic to sleep for the night. They will also visit the attic periodically throughout the day when they can also be heard running around attics. For the most part grey squirrels will not be making noises in your attic in the middle of the night. The noises grey squirrels make commonly sound like something decent sided scurrying or scampering overhead. Most frequently they move and are heard overhead near the exterior walls of the house, but can be heard in the middle areas of the attic also. It is common to hear grey squirrels chewing on the wood, electrical wiring and pipes inside the attic.

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Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures. The become very active and make lots of noises in your attic throughout the evening and into the early morning hours. Shortly after dark flying squirrels will run around in your attic as they start to make their way outside for the night. It is common for them to come back into your attic and spend a lot of time there during the night as they run around and play. They will be in and out of your attic all night long. Before morning light flying squirrels will start making their way back inside attics where they will remain during the day. Just because they are nocturnal does not mean they sleep all day. Flying squirrels are commonly active during the day but for the most part will remain inside where the can be heard making noises in your attic. The noises heard in your attic from flying squirrels are softer and lighter than grey squirrels. The running around is also very quick and often sounds like several are chasing one another around. Flying squirrels are rodents. All rodents have to chew of things to file their constantly growing teeth. Flying squirrels can also be heard chewing at times.

Raccoons are the largest critter we deal with in attics. The noises they make up in your attic are loud. Many customers describe the noises made by raccoons in the attic as those of a grown person walking and thumping around overhead. No other critter inside an attic makes that much noise. Raccoons often sound like they are about to come crashing through the ceiling. Raccoons are primarily active at night. Raccoons can the heard starting around nightfall as they make their way outside. They will also be heard off and on throughout the night and when they crawl back inside in the morning. They too can be heard at times during the day. It is not common to hear raccoons chewing on things inside your attic.

Rats are a common animal to invade attics, even in the nicest of homes. Rats can be active at any time inside your attic but are most active at night. After everyone in the house has gone to bed or when no one is home and things are quiet is when rats become most active. That is when they can be heard making the most noises in you attic and inside your walls. They are much less active when there is a lot of activity inside the home or office. Rats live and thrive naturally in the wild just like squirrels and other creatures. They move into our homes to seek shelter, raise young and sure for food just like many other critters do. You don’t have to have a nasty place for rats to move in. The problem with rats is the they reproduce and have young all year ’round. Squirrels and raccoons only give birth during specific times of the year.

Bats are another critter that can be heard making noises in your attic. We rarely get complaints about bats in customer’s attics during the winter months. Bats become active here in Georgia from spring through fall. Most customers discover they have bats after bat guano (droppings) is discovered inside their attic, outside on the siding of their house or on the ground next to the house. Many customers do hear bats inside their attic and eaves as the bats move toward their exit hole near the exterior of the roof just before dark. It is common to hear bats during daylight hours as they crawl around making scratching noises and chirping noises inside your attic and walls. Most customers never hear bats making noises during the night when bats are out flying around.

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If you are hearing noises in your attic and need whatever it is safely and professionally removed give WEBBCON Wildlife Removal a call today, 770-560-4679. We will send out one of our certified, licensed and insured technicians to determine what animal has invaded your attic. We will discuss our trapping and removal process with you. We will explain why and how they got inside. We can point out other weak points on your home or business that would allow future wildlife to find their way inside. We will explain what it will take to permanently seal off your home so that other animals will not be able to return. We do it all from start to finish. All of our exclusion work is backed with a minimum 2 year guarantee.

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