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Fayetteville Squirrel Removal. Family And Veteran Owned Wildlife Removal Company. A Leader In Fayetteville Since 2011

Squirrel Removal Services


WEBBCON Wildlife Removal has been a leader in Fayetteville squirrel removal since 2011. We are a family run and veteran owned company that specializes in squirrel removal from residential and commercial structures. Female grey squirrels give birth to two litters of young each year. Once in the spring and again in the fall. So many of these squirrels are born in attics and soffits of our homes that young squirrels grow up knowing that our attics are great places to live and have their young. Because of this, squirrels have naturally figured out how to find ways into our attics. Once there they set up camp and stay until they are removed and the exterior of the structure is properly and professionally sealed off using the correct materials to prevent them from being able to get back in. That’s where WEBBCON Wildlife Removal comes in to play.

We utilize the most humane methods of removing squirrels from our attics by means of one-way valve systems over their known entry/exit points. These one-way systems allow them to get out without harm and prevents them from getting back in. In addition, we know exactly how to repair and seal off all secondary areas on your home that could allow them the opportunity to find their way back inside. And believe me, they will be searching to find any secondary, weak spots that are left for them to get in. Once WEBBCON Wildlife Removal is finished with removing squirrels from your attic and home and taking the proper measures to seal them out you can rest assured that they cannot return. In fact, we are so confident in this that we put our free one year warrantee on all our removal and exclusion services. With this warrantee, if for some reason they did find a way back in we will return and do it all over again for free.

We invite you to look online anywhere that our past customers have left us reviews and you will be reassured that WEBBCON Wildlife Removal is leader in squirrel removal in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan and all surrounding areas. We get them out and we keep them out. We take great pride in our reputation in the wildlife removal industry.

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